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Ready to Bake!

So, I'm recovered from both my surgeries and I am ready to bake! It's amazing how a seven minute surgery can take months to fully heal. My hands are feeling pretty good, but I still need to do some strengthening exercises. A typical small two tiered cake can weight as much as 40lbs depending on the type of decorations on it. Sugar is heavy! If you have ever watched a baking show on TV, it can take several people to move a large cake. I used to wonder why I saw thick plywood cake bases, steel pipe, screws and hammers, and now I know! And if you watch closely you will see feet under those bases as well. Have you ever tried to pick up something heavy, but you can't even get your fingers under it? Yeah, I've made that mistake with cake. I'm still working on the leg thing and tend to go for the slide-the-cake-to-the-edge-of-the-counter technique usually because I'm rushing. Poor planning on my part. Anyway, I'm ready to bake, bake, bake and the customers are rolling in...especially since this Covid-19 craziness is keeping people home. They are delighted to hear that I deliver!

Yes, I ONLY deliver. Long story short, I have had customers come a day early to pick up their cake only to find me in my sweat pants covered in buttercream and powdered sugar! I try to at least have mascara on before I answer the door! I'm not a vain person, but come on people! I guess it's a risk factor for being a home baker. LOL

I have some exciting news to share in my next come back soon!

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